About Us

IDEAHUB is an Israeli and international education group operating in China
IDEAHUB programs, environment and products are aimed at teaching K-12 pupils creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the technological context (Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics - STEAM).

We bring together knowledge and experience developed in the top Israeli and US academia and practice based on intensive research and practice. Our programs aim to enhance and empower our pupils to learn by playing and making and develop traits like: creativity and problem solving, technological adaptability, leadership, social skills, self confidence and team work.

IDEAHUB programs and solutions can be implemented in/with private and private schools and kindergartens, education authorities or private education centers. Our team has been leading similar successful programs in Israel and US.


Israel was established in 1948 as the house of the Jewish people. Since its establishment, Israel has managed to become a leader in technology, academia, entrepreneurship and innovation and become one of the centers of innovation worldwide.

Our Partners

Our partners include universities, education bureaus, high schools, primary schools and private education providers. For additional information, please contact partnerships@ideahub.education