Designed to promote
freedom and creativity
the IDEAHUB is our
creativity laboratory
where things happen.
We will design and
build it in schools,
kindergartens and
public spaces as well
as in our IDEAHUB

Our Mentors

Our mentors are graduates from top Israeli universities, trained not only in digital fabrication but also in mentoring techniques. The teachers' goals are not just to teach creativity, but also to accompany students in a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, confronting one's fears and uncovering internal motivation.

The tools are a set of
carefully selected
technologies, including
3D printers and 3D
design software tools,
CNC machines,
creative electronics
kits for physical-
digital prototyping,
sensors and actuators
and a variety of
physical materials
to promote a
combination of
physical and digital

Our Activities

IDEAHUB activities are sets of projects that gradually challenge students to create and invent. Those experiences are both meaningful and exciting for them. All our activities are conducted in English.