Our Values

Create by Doing

IDEAHUB realizes a unique approach of creative thinking through inventing and making. Creativity can't be taught in theory, it has to be a practice-based process that gradually helps students believe in their own ability to create, invent and innovate.

Project Based Learning

IDEAHUB developed systematic teaching method that engages students in learning knowledge and skills through an extended inquiry process structured around complex, authentic questions and carefully designed products and tasks. Project-based learning is at the heart of good instruction because it brings together intellectual inquiry, rigorous real world standards and student engagement in relevant and meaningful work.


Creativity is a social experience. Our centers are not merely learning places, but also a social place for youth. A place to share ideas with others, build on the ideas of others and work together in a collaborative way. This process, called social constructivism, helps the students develop both as creators and as collaborators, which leads to deeper learning and to self-empowerment.

Cutting Egde Curriculum

Our curriculum is a collection of carefully crafted projects that leads student in the journey of exploration and learning. The curriculum will involve a discovery of real-world problems and systematic prototyping of various solutions.

English and Technology

Learn English through doing and creating in a fun and unofficial atmosphere. IDEAHUB team includes international instructors and technology experts. By joining our program you will gain technical English through doing.